One simple board to organize your work and get things done



One simple board to organize your work and get things done


Create Your Board and Go!

With Orgzee our philosophy is to get out of the way with you getting things done. Just create your board, add some cards, and organize them however you want. Whether you want to work alone or collaborate with a team, Orgzee let’s you work the way you want.

Create Your Board and Go!
Power When You Need It

Power When You Need It

Projects come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you just need to quickly brainstorm and organize ideas. Other times you may need to plan out a full project with multiple team members and track the progress of tasks to completion. From real time editing, to adding attachments, comments, and tasks, Orgzee gives you the power to get things done.


Designed to work on the desktop.


Mobile friendly so you can access from anywhere at anytime.

ideas & Possibilities

Here are just a few of the limitless ways you can use Orgzee

ideas & Possibilities
Create a To Do List

If you’ve never tried Kanban to manage your daily To Dos, give Orgzee a try to help manage your day!

Set and Accomplish Goals

List, track, and accomplish your goals.

Create Your Dream Board

Create a board of places you want to visit and things you want to do. Then go and do them!

Organize Your Watch or Read List

Quickly organize and catalogue anything you want to read or watch so never find yourself saying “What should I watch now?”

Develop the Next Great App

As a team we use Orgzee to help create Orgzee. Our hope is that others will use it to create other amazing applications and business that make things better.

Plan a Wedding or Big Event

Make the most of your wedding or big event by having one board to share all your ideas, tasks, contacts and photos in one place with your planning team.

Write the Next Block Buster Novel

User Orgzee to capture and organize all elements of your next great book. Create cards for characters, settings, and ideas. Outline your plot and shift cards around to find the best story possible.

Close More Sales

With Orgzee it’s easy to set up a simple system for capturing sales leads, assign tasks for follow up, and track the status through closing.

Plan Your Social Media Calendar

Orgzee makes it easy to capture and develop content ideas for social media and PR. Whether you’re a team of one or many, you can use Orgzee to plan your content and then develop a calendar for release.

Find Your Next Great Hire

Are you a recruiter looking to find that next great candidate? With Orgzee, you have a complete system for applicant tracking. Vet candidates, capture all essential information, and find your diamond in the rough.

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